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The weekend’s unforeseen rain showers and thunderstorms will surely not scare summer lovers from escaping to the nearest beach and sunbathe the days away. The sunny season is in its prime – swimsuits are still getting drenched in salted water and beach towels freckled with warm sand. No seaside adventure is complete without the ultimate must-have beach accessories. Do you think you’ve got the beach game covered? Think again.


They’re all the hype at the moment and come in all shapes, sizes and intricate designs. Bring your A game to the beach with a dazzling unicorn, an enormous avocado or an irresistible pizza, and steal all the attention.

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A beach towel has its pros and cons – it gets you dry after a dive and helps you remain sand-free (sort of) when you want to lounge and work on your tan. Maximum comfort is not one of them, however. After a couple of washes, the softness will disappear and their thin stitching makes it impossible to keep rock pinches out of reach. Swap the towel with a beach bag and rest the summer days away.


There’s nothing worse than getting money drenched in water, a drop of liquid on the phone or keys covered with sand. Keep valuables, gadgets, food and everything else safe in a bag that almost needs a safe word to open. If you forget all the other beach accessories, this should be a must.

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Although no one has been able to prove it yet, indulging at the beach feels so much better than anywhere else, whether it’s because of the insatiable heat, the seaside vibes or because the Maltese are the first ones to find an excuse to keep their tummies full. Hit those snacks with a passion or devour a wholesome ftira biż-żejt.

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Face the beach perils with a full preparation kit that takes less space than a beach towel. Make the saying ‘Better safe than sorry’ the epitome of life and be ready to face any minor injuries, whether it’s a jellyfish sting, a glass bottle cut or sunburn. Carrying a first-aid kit should become part of your daily routine, so take the pouch with you wherever you’re going – whether it’s the beach, work or a boat trip.

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Parents with small children always have a bucket tucked in the kids’ beach toys bag, but lone adults don’t usually carry one. Keeping a small plastic one handy will serve multiple purposes, including watering your feet to get rid of sand before heading home or immersing drinks in cold water and ice for easy access.

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Don’t be one of those who carries half the house to the beach. Pinpoint the ideal beach accessories and equipment to make your beach days fully relaxing and stress-free. Know of any other must-have accessories for the beach? Drop us a message and we’ll add it to this list.