autumn essentials

When the long beach days start fading away and the weather becomes cooler, it’s not just us humans who require a wardrobe change. Equipping our vehicles with the necessary essentials depending on the season can save the day and make your driving journeys more at ease.

Now it is time to swap those summer beach floaties with fundamental autumn supplies. Get a small box and fill it with the items in the list below. Place it under the driver seat or in the booth to occupy minimum space.


Malta’s autumns can be quite temperamental. Temperatures can go up to a comfy 28 degrees during the day and plummet to 16 degrees in the evening. A rainy day could easily bring about an unwanted chill. Having a warm parka can keep your body temperature to a cozy level and an additional hood might save your hairstyle from getting soggy. Place it in a ziploc bag to keep the dust away. 

hoody zip-up


Tyres deflate when the weather starts turning chilly. This means drivers need to keep an eye on the optimum level more frequently than in summer. Did you know that the optimal tyre pressure mark can be found on a sticker attached to the driver’s door? This informative label is very commonly found in new cars. If yours is missing, check the car’s manual as details might be listed there. The recommended pressure level for passenger cars is normally 32 psi to 35 psi.


The ideal tool when encountering unexpected rain showers – whether on your way to work or when picking up the kids from school, doing errands or on your way to dinner.



For those days when the windshield water fluid supply decides to run out on you, a clean window cloth can save the day. Driving with a hazy windshield is hazardous as it limits your sight; making you a danger to yourself, other drivers and pedestrians. A clean cloth can remove any grimy smudges, especially after encountering a dash of blood rain, which is a very common occurrence during this season.


Retailing at just a few euros, your car storage section should always have a new set of wipers handy. After the heat exposure and lack of use throughout the summer months, windshield wipers would have cracked and require a change once the sizzling season is over. If you find yourself in the midst of a rain storm, new wipers ensure you have full visibility.


Malta’s Mediterranean weather blesses us with lots of sunshine even during the colder months. Some drivers find themselves unable to drive with the sunshine at full force without a pair of sunglasses. Place an extra pair within the glove compartment to avoid turning back when you’re running a quick errand.

Got any essentials you cannot drive without during autumn? Let us know on the Facebook post comments! Assemble all your winter supplies in a box to easily switch when the chillier season makes its way.