stuck at home

The pandemic of the COVID-19 hasn’t just rocked the stability of our health, but shaken up everyone’s routine. At this point, many are opting to keep themselves safe inside their residences – whether because they need to care for children who are out of school, others turning their kitchens into offices and some waiting for this widespread threat to vanish.

Many are distressing themselves when faced with locking themselves between four walls, others are out of ideas on how to pass the time. Irrespective of whether that free period is two hours or all day, we’re sure there’s something for everyone in this list to keep hands busy and minds level-headed.

1. Take a virtual museum tour

Some of the most acclaimed museums in the world are inviting you (virtually) in. The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, the Louvre, NASA, The Vatican Museums… the list is endless.

2. Teach the kids old Maltese games

Passju, boċċi, tiġieġa l-għamja, noli and many more will bring about some nostalgia.

3. Learn a new language

Always loved the sound of French? Mais oui, loads of online tutorials will make you sound like one of the locals.

4. Make crafts with recyclable materials

You’ll be helping the environment and help the time pass. Youtube is full of ideas.

5. Hold a phone conversation with your closest ones

Rather than closing off all borders with your loved ones, this is the time all of you need a caring ear.

6. Rearrange furniture

Giving your living space a new look doesn’t require pinching your euros. Take a look at your favourite room, read home interior blogs and get inspired.

7. Look through old family albums

Grab your phone and scroll back to 2015 or blow off dust from your childhood’s photo collection. A few laughs will escape you for sure.

8. Solve a Rubik’s cube

No, it’s not impossible. Need a trick on how to get it right? We’re here to help!

9. Re-watch your wedding video

We’re ready to bet that that DVD hasn’t seen the light of day in ages. Check out who wore what, how many people change their hairstyles and cringe at the colour of the bridesmaids’ dresses.

10. Paint the house

Brighten up the living space with the newest shades of 2020. Because the year is not THAT bad after all.

11. Create a menu for a week

Make a list of lunches and dinners to stock your fridge without bulking it or missing things out.

12. Water a plant.

No more excuses on why that cactus was almost left for dead. Pretty flowers and blooming bushes will give your residence a sense of life.

13. Involve the kids in some fitness moves

Claire Agius Ordway is winning the keeping kids fit pursuit, with easy-to-follow moves and some fresh air on the roof.

14. Create a herb garden

Your balcony, windowsill or back garden might need some fresh looks and your dinners will taste even better because of that.

15. Prepare a meal you haven’t cooked in ages

There’s always one favourite meal that takes a very long time to reach its perfection. Being in close proximity to the kitchen for days means you’re able to satisfy that craving very soon.

16. Travel to another country through Google Maps

Who said one can only explore new countries by stepping foot on them? Opt for Google Maps’ Street View and enjoy!

eiffel tower
17. Make homemade birthday cards

Let your creative juices flow and create customised cards for birthdays, weddings and anniversaries that are coming up. Your relatives and friends will love the personal touch.

18. Organise a treasure hunt indoors

The kids will have a field day looking around for simple possessions, such as buttons, long-forgotten toys and fancy sweets. Hide them in the most mysterious of places and let them hover all day. Adding a “treasure map” is suggested.

19. Watch a docu-series

The documentary Planet Earth boasts high-definition footage and David Attenborough’s soothing voice to put a spotlight on some of the most remote locations on earth.

20. Clean out your phone from redundant photos

Selfies gone wrong, cringe-worthy shots of your colleagues, an abundant selection of pet shots or photos of your ex should all say hello to the delete button.

21. Do the #papertowelchallenge

All you need is a good supply of paper towels (loose), a selection of coloured sharpies and a deep container partly filled with water. Let the creativity flow.

22. Plan a holiday for 2021

After all this lockdown, a travel itinerary and the prospect of an adventure will surely raise the spirit!

23. Give those tresses a treat with leave-in conditioner all day

The atmosphere might be damp, but that doesn’t need to reflect on your hair – it will thank you for the TLC.

24. Teach your pet new tricks

They rarely get their owner with them all day, so might as well use the time well for teaching (and entertainment!)

25. Take a bath

How long has it been? Too long. Time to draw up some bubbles and light some candles.

26. Clear out your inbox from spam messages

1000+ emails gone.

27. Set up camp on the roof and look at the stars.

Throw it back to camping days and gaze at the little bright lights in the sky.

camping roof
28. Listen to all the Eurovision songs

The date of the festival might still be pending, but you can keep your spirit alive learning them all by heart.

29. Knit a blanket

It will make your binge-watching days comfier and looking good.

30. Take an afternoon nap

Your future self is thanking you for some extra zzz. When the routine gets back to normal, you’ll feel bad on missing out on this.

31. Organise a cinema night

With Netflix announcing its long-distance Watch Party option, you’ll be able to host a cinema night whilst abiding to the social distancing rules.

32. Try out a new make-up look

Whether you’re a seasoned artist or one that can’t even get their eyeliner right, now’s the time to hone those skills.

33. Take an online course

Boosting your knowledge is a good use of your time. LinkedIn are offering a multitude of learning courses to improve your career life. Alternatively, imagine what a breakthrough it would be to get certified by one of the most prestigious schools in the world – the IVY League. 

34. Google yourself

Everyone does it, so go ahead and treat yourself. Might stumble on an old hi5 account!

35. Reorganise your wardrobe

Socks with holes should make their ways to the bin, clothes which are too small/big should go to charity and shoes could get a little extra scrub. You might want to take a look at the acclaimed Marie Kondo method.