disability equipment

Enhancing a home to adapt to mobility requirements will give daily life a sense of easiness that assists in going about feeling better. With the investment required for some of these aids, it is no wonder that we frequently get asked whether they fall under the protection of a home insurance policy.

The answer to many of them is a YES! And with that good news, we’re going to highlight some of the equipment that can be protected against unintentional accidental damage, for full peace of mind.

We always suggest you get in touch with our team members with any personal questions, as they will be able to assist you further. Upon changes made to a property for mobility reasons, we recommend you inform your insurer, to update your policy accordingly.


Whether one lives in a multi-storey house, maisonette, or apartment, a stairlift will definitely enable going up and down stairs. Given these are attached to walls, they are considered as fixtures and therefore, they automatically fit into the category of being able to be insured under a home insurance policy.


This equipment transforms the ease of access both within and outside your home, and it is no wonder why many ask whether such an important mobility aid is covered under a home insurance. Speak to your insurer about the conditions of a home contents insurance policy to ensure it covers a wheelchair anywhere in Malta.


Renovating a home might come as an additional expense, but nothing stands between that and daily comfort. Walk-in showers ease the access to and out of the shower area without having any stair-like structure that might hinder entry and exit. Potentially, such showers even allow for the use of a wheelchair to enter the area. Bathrooms are also considered as fixtures within a household, so any alterations or new additions in this area can be covered by a home policy.


In apartment buildings, lifts are a staple. However, many who still live in properties that have been built years ago such as townhouses and typical 80s maisonettes might not have been built around the concept of having a home lift. With a few tweaks by professional architects and builders, lifts have become possible even within such properties to enable easier mobility. Such changes are considered fixtures which can be included within a home policy.


These may vary from portable oxygen containers, nebulisers, or walking frames. Having such items in a home will add up the expenses, so having them protected under a home contents insurance policy will pay itself in total peace of mind.

We’re here to protect the equipment that helps you and keeps you healthy. Your well-being is the most important thing, so get in touch with us now to discover what we can do for you.