valentine's day gifts

It’s officially gift season! Valentine’s Day is the first “holiday” of the year that records a surge in present buying.  Within the last years, Valentine’s has been representing not just love for partners, but also people who are truly significant in your life. So, whilst bouquets of roses and chocolates are possibly the most popular presents to give to your significant other, some gift givers take the one-of-a-kind route to pick a gift that will be truly meaningful to the person receiving it.

You can refer to this blog for some ideas of your own – but also remember to protect your investment. Whilst some think of cars and homes when the topic of insurance comes up, luxurious contents such as some of the below are worth too much to run the risk of damaging. Speak to your insurer to see how to protect your gift of love!


Art aficionados love to decorate their homes with unique brushes of expression or opulent adornments. Their meaning exceeds that of giving a room some colour or filling up a blank wall. Such well-thought gifts showcase how special the receiver is – so much so that particular fine arts are chosen based on that person’s favouritism.

Make sure the value of such a gift is covered by your home insurance policy under the contents section. It’s the formula to keep enjoying it for years to come!

fine art gift


Pieces of jewellery are considered timeless gifts that are appreciated almost every time. Whether you’ve been given an engagement ring, a vintage broach or a lavish diamond necklace, their value in the future might exceed that of today. Such gifts are investments for the present as well as the years to come; hence why some people leave their most prized treasures to the next generation.

Make sure they are stored in a safe place and clean them up as is instructed to keep them in their best condition. Insuring them will protect their value from any potential loss or damage.


These are by far the new fab – with many people choosing to display their high-end bags, shoes, belts, accessories or clothes within their walk-in wardrobes. Some of the brands that occupy high attention in the market have become a staple for both outwear and home décor.

Whether you’re using them to display your new addition to the wardrobe or leaving their appearance reserved to the walk-in area, having them insured is by far the best move.

handbag gift


Some partners are much more practical in their present giving… and their choice keeps in giving! What best way to show your love than to transform a favourite room with a lick of new paint, updated furniture and even possibly an antique piece of décor? The room or area’s new look will revolutionise the aura of the room and even the people enjoying it. A visit to the home designer will feel like a truly exciting experience.

Speak to your insurer what falls under the basic home insurance policy and what needs further consideration which your current policy doesn’t cover.

home re-model gift


If you want to go for a really big surprise for a fitness enthusiast, a new addition to their home gym is truly the way to go! Whether the recipient needs an upgrade or if a new model is around, equipment which will help with their training is surely a good way to say “I love you!”.

Whether it’s a high-tech fitness trampoline, a cross trainer, treadmill or an exercise bike, fitness fanatics will adore their new gym partner. Speak to your insurer to discover the best way to cover them in your home insurance plan.

home gym equipment gift


Channelling your inner Jamie Oliver will come easier with the latest techy kitchen gadgets and Valentine’s is the best holiday to throw some ideas around! Indulgence comes easy when you can get more out of it all year round. Whether your significant other is a professional chef, an aspiring cook or a joyful baker, any new addition to their cooking cave will bring much delight.

Check with your insurer to see which kitchen appliances can be covered with a safe insurance policy to ensure unlimited goodies to nibble on in the future.

small kitchen appliances