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There’s no mistaking the Maltese on vacation. Typically, we get confused for Italians because of our wild hand gestures and loud chit-chat; other times people hit on our Semitic dialect and assume we hail from North Africa.

The truth is, many would love to explore new lands disguised as natives, but not all of us know how. We asked our Insurance team to share some know-how based on their latest trips – read on!

Learn the Lingo

Go further than the typical ‘hello’ and ‘good morning’. Master colloquial words and phrases the locals use in their daily tête-à-tête. This will help conversations flow, and it will definitely make you feel like you belong there. Dialects are slightly hard to grasp, but the locals will definitely appreciate your effort.

Dress to fit in

There is no hard and fast rule to this, but each city has its own fashion style. For instance, the Greeks love sporting sandals and matching them with light, summery clothing; which helps them endure the 30°C+ day temperature.

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Get lost in the city

Ditch Google Maps and go on an adventure. Immerse yourself in the place’s daily lifestyle and wander around the streets and sights. Heading to Rome? Check out the Trastevere area, buy groceries from a corner shop, browse the back streets and discover gems hidden from plain sight.

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Buy an authentic keepsake

Forget the souvenir shops and buy something locally-made. If you find yourself in Paris, you might want to head to Shakespeare and Company, a bookshop which has been open since the 1800s. Browsing the shop will take you back to the old times, as it still holds its Victorian appearance. Stroll along the Seine River close to the Notre-Dame area and make a good deal on an antique trinket from one of the street vendors.

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Go on a culinary experience

Ask around for an authentic eatery, serving an array of native dishes at a very cheap price. Have a friendly chat with the owner, eat like a royal and have a good time. Some cities host markets during certain days; where locals and foreigners mingle whilst enjoying a mix of good authentic food.

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All of these tips are tried and tested, and will surely not disappoint. Don’t forget to purchase a travel insurance policy before you head off! Contact us for more information about travel insurance packages.