street lights christmas in malta

The festive season gives rise to a warm sense of content and togetherness. Christmas in Malta summons family members to get-togethers, workplaces organise upbeat functions and the whole world feels like a much better place. Most of the merry feelings are owed to the festive embellishments adorning the whole country; from churches lit to celebrate the birth of Christ, to roads jazzing up the locale with fluorescent lights and houses showing off their owners’ creativity.

Step into Malta’s own festive wonderland – these are the places you need to head over for a truly magical Maltese Christmas.



The quaint village of Għajnsielem breathes new life with the reproduction of the original nativity scene. Maltese, Gozitans and tourists alike make their way to the 20,000 square metres of land filled with animated attractions; including a blacksmith store, a bakery selling traditional baked goods and a windmill churning water. Attempt a ride across the small man-made pond and head over to the little manger to take a peek at the local newborn babies, specially chosen to represent the figure of Baby Jesus during different intervals.


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Our Aussie friends enjoy Christmas under the basking sun forming snowmen from sand, but twenty years ago, a group of heroic individuals decided to head to one of Malta’s beaches, strip off to their swimsuits and hit the chilly Mediterranean waters to collect money for charity. Fast forward two decades, hundreds of others have joined the force and added the Thomas Smith Christmas Charity Swim as one of the festive highlights.


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Treat the little ones to an eventful day at this little man-made village in Mellieħa. Start the day with jolly greetings from Popeye, Olive and Brutus. The village is bustling with activity as Santa’s helpers are getting gifts ready for all lucky youngsters heading to Santa’s Toy Town to meet the man himself for special Christmas wishes and a welcoming gift. Needless to say, the views around the village are magnificent in the chilly winter air, making it a treat to adults and little ones alike.


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2018 honoured Valletta as the Cultural Capital of Europe, and the city is going to hand over its crown to Plovdiv and Matera with great fashion. The city is jam-packed with activities outlined for the festive season, including a fair, carol singing, processions and much more. Few other locations promise a magical shopping experience as Malta’s capital city, with a life-size crib in Pjazza Tritoni, contemporary street lights lining the locale, street artists and historic buildings casting their shadows across the whole city.


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Owing its popularity to our ancestors back in the early 17th century, manifestations of the birth of Jesus Christ are faithfully represented as crib creations, which line parish churches, social clubs and residential garages. Watch out for handmade signs, directing admirers to displays lavished with the artists’ interpretation of the scene around the birth of Christ. From papier-mâché mangers brimming with hand-painted statuettes and mechanical operations, to stalls forged out of bread or pasta; these are the apple of the artists’ eye, representing the creativity, hours of dedication and physical handwork.


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‘Tis the season to be jolly, and there are tons of reasons why. The island promises something spectacular for everybody, whatever suits your fancy.