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There aren’t enough words for the sunny season fanatics to describe their beloved summer. Now is the time for many to get their sea crafts, big or small, out of safe storage and get ready to hit the waves. Tick off all the necessary check-up requirements before taking your boat to the water.

Do you have an inkling a worry will follow you all summer long? Here’s a hint – you’re missing an important piece of paper, one that’s a goldmine to boaters who find themselves in hot water whilst cruising. Marine insurance doesn’t just cover damages or loss to your boat or equipment following an accident at sea but also damages to other vessels you accidentally collide with. If you’re still considering whether to get one, here’s a list of some of the things a boat policy takes care of.



The cost of replacing damaged or replenishing first aid kits might reach hundreds of euros, depending on the supplies and medication required. Items such as asthma inhalers and diabetes packs should be carried when a person suffering from such conditions is on board. It is recommended that skippers check with guests whether they suffer from any specific medical conditions before sailing away.

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If you’re heading to foreign waters, all the crew and guests on the boat have to be in possession of a passport, together with other documentation as required by the country being visited. Should someone’s passport get lost or destroyed whilst on deck, a marine insurance will cover related costs.

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Follow health and safety rules, and stock your vessel with safety flares, life jackets for each member on board and fire extinguishers. The cost of such equipment might come at a hefty price, but should damages occur, your insurance will cover the cost of replenishment.

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Don’t get scared at the faintest crack, buzz or snap. No one worries about accidents until they eventually happen. Save money by bundling up multiple insurance policies, such as motor insurance or a home policy. Secure peace of mind and sail away without a care in the world.