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A slight chill in the air is hinting at the start of the new winter season. As we get ready for lower temperatures and random rain showers, many find themselves dreading the idea of spending the next three months stuck inside. Boarding a plane and discovering new places might be just what the doctor ordered! We’ve assembled a world of reasons to get your bags ready to experience a truly magical winter.



What some countries experience in winter is a far cry from Malta’s rain drizzles and extreme humidity. For those who have never seen actual snow, it is a good enough reason to travel off-season. Everything is covered in white and get ready to instantaneously picture yourself in a real-life Christmas card. Enthusiasm reaches new heights as snow parks open slopes for skiing and heated cable car offer a glimpse of the astonishing surroundings. No need to worry about piste closures or last-minute cancellations – they are all covered under our travel insurance winter sports extension.


Packing suitable clothing is the pivot of a winter getaway. It might be daunting to stuff the suitcase, but unless you’re off to the Siberia, a fleecy jacket, thermal garments and comfy footwear will cover any unanticipated drops in temperature. Plan ahead the activities you’re going to engage in and take note of any essentials.


You haven’t fully travelled unless you get a taste of the local cuisine. Just like clothing, our appetite changes according to the weather, so go on and gulp down a hot cuppa or enjoy a roasting meal in a neighbourhood eatery. If it’s Christmas market season, forget the restaurants and scour the market stalls for the best eats whilst you’re on the go.


Tourist traffic dips during the cold weather, so take advantage of the cheaper prices and pursue an endless array of winter activities. Streets are less crowded, shops start their sale season and you can explore the region without having to fight for a walking space. If you’re after a Christmas that’s truly merry, head to cities such as Zagreb, Strasbourg or Vienna in December – chatting with the market vendors and enjoying the Christmas hustle bustle will not let the cold weather dampen your spirits.


Your travel wanderlust doesn’t need to go on a hiatus in winter. A vacation during the coldest months will suit all travellers – whether you want to go solo, organise a family trip or engage in some fun time with your significant other or friends. Get the most out of your getaway with the best protection and get ready to plan more – our Annual Travel Insurance will get you covered.