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The beauty of living on a Mediterranean island is having favourable weather 75% of the year. However, during that extra 25% of the time, one better get ready for some nature freak shows. With torrential rain, rough winds and the occasional hail storm, a homeowner’s worry is having their home investments struck by a strike of bad luck.

That is where a home insurance policy comes to the rescue. The two main sections of cover  available provide cover for the buildings and contents your home can benefit from a high level of security giving you peace of mind.

The items that cause most worry to homeowners during rough weather are items that reside outside and cannot be moved to a safer, indoor area. Check out this list of outdoor property immovables that enjoy the protection of a simple buildings home insurance cover. 


Nothing beats a proper Maltese barbeque, but when the 30°C + temperatures go on a hiatus for winter, all equipment is wrapped up for a winter-long sleep. Many of these items however bear the severity of some of Malta’s storms.

Decking items and built-in barbeques can sustain serious damages during a rough night of rain and wind. With such a big investment being forked out for their purchases, homeowners are advised to keep their purchase notes and take photos of their original state to hand over to their insurer if storms cause havoc.

buildings home insurance


Another house feature that goes on a long slumber during the chillier months. Proper care should be taken to prevent unnecessary damage from being caused during storms. Should the unthinkable happen, make sure to check with your insurer how the damages sustained are covered by your buildings home policy.


One look at the Maltese skyline, and many understand the necessity of having a secure water tank within the building, to provide residents with much needed water supply.

Given this water supply equipment is normally stationed on property roofs, a sudden howl of wind can rip into the structure’s ties and topple the tank. At times, this results in damages to the item itself and other surrounding areas.

Speak to your insurer to ensure your water supply is covered with well-needed coverage.

buildings home insurance


Even the strongest roofs can at times suffer after a hurricane-like rampage. Heavy hailstorms can make dents into the roof membranes. Being such a vital element to keep rain water from seeping through roofs and causing mould, any damages incurred to roof membranes may be covered by a buildings home policy.

Always check with your insurer and make sure roofs are given the well-needed upkeep before the winter season, or else they might fail the claims review.


AC outdoor units bear the force of bad weather – whether it is rain or shine. Their protection might be hindered from the inability to have them covered or moved. Therefore, when rough weather hits, they take the brunt of it all.

With a secure buildings home policy, air conditioning units and severe damages that might occur to them might be covered by your insurance.

buildings home insurance


Free standing outdoor equipment used by your neighbours can become a dangerous weapon when rough wind hits and causes them to fly across properties. It is also a common occurrence that, what look like well-rooted trees, suffer the force of winds and get uprooted or fall over, causing destruction.

If such situations occur, speak to your insurer about the damages sustained to outdoor areas or façade. Keep pictures handy to hand over during the claim process.