what not to store in garage

Possessing abundant storage space is a rarity far grander than precious stones these days. If you’re one of the lucky ones who owns a garage or are currently renting one, you surely relish the extra space.

We don’t want to dampen your spirits, but we’ve got some bad news. Stuffing all your trivial possessions in the garage without worrying about their well-being is dangerous. The natural conditions of such a space, whether situated on street level or underground, are atrocious to many objects. With hardly any insulation and serving as a comfy abode for undesirable pests, enclosed spaces can turn into real hazards.

Wondering what you might be storing incorrectly? Here’s a list that will encourage you to make some storage space changes.


When barbeque season is over or you’re keeping a replacement tank extra, its storage should be well-thought of. The sturdy vessel does not protect them from any blasts should they start leaking, especially when stored in enclosed spaces. Starting the car inside the garage can cause a spark and the fire will destroy everything in sight.

gas tank


The garage is susceptible to temperature fluctuations; which will easily spoil any food stuffs. Humidity spawns rust around the cans and the faint smell of edibles will invite vermin in for a snack. If changing their location is not a possible option, make sure bags are sealed tight and consumed swiftly.

canned food


That extra paint bucket will serve you well for the next paint job, whenever that might be. Given it will probably not be any time soon, you’ll quickly hoard it away in some forgotten corner in the garage. Guess what? Think again. Extreme temperatures can alter its texture. Watch out for storing directions on the back of the can.

home paint


Got any baby albums as keepsakes or teenage shots you’re too embarrassed to keep within anyone’s reach? The heat in the garage will make them stick to each other or to the surrounding plastic. When opened again, they will easily tear. Choose an unused cupboard somewhere inside the house instead.

photo album garage


Some insects thrive on the glue that binds books. These pests live in dark and humid environments, very similar to garages. A secure corner inside the house is better suited for all your bestseller copies.

books garage


Vino thrives in ideal temperatures. Fluctuating climates will destroy its finesse; hence why temperature-controlled wine fridges exist. Avoid your grape juice turning bitter or sour. 

wine in storage


Picasso portrait or not, if a painting is not on its way to the second-hand shop, then you might like to keep it. Straying away from the garage will help conserve the canvas’s original state from cracks.


Electronic gadgets are very susceptible to changes in temperatures. Moisture will get into the electricity wires; risking an electric shock when switched back on.


The best investment you can make for garment storage are vacuum bags, which shrink down for minimal storage space. If you store fabrics poorly in the garage, you’ll be exposing them to potential deterioration because of mould.

carpets in garage


In winter, furniture turns into a warm solace for mice and insects. Summer on the other hand, exposes wood to extreme heat, which could make the material expand and lose its charm and appeal.

furniture in garage

Protecting your possessions comes with a list of responsibilities. Save yourself from heartbreak and financial dilemmas; take care of your valuable assets.