new site, laptop

The Thomas Smith site got a brand new facelift, and is now proudly sporting a fresher look. Throughout these past months, our marketing and IT teams have been going through the site features, as well as your feedback, to come up with a younger appearance for the site, whilst providing a pleasant browsing experience from all devices.

Take a look at the Insurance Brokers page and the new Insurance Agency page – we’ve listed all the services on offer, whilst you can go directly to our Facebook page which is constantly updated with policy facts, company news and monthly CSR activities.

Check out the new blog feature added to the site – we’ll be updating it with the latest trending insurance topics you wouldn’t want to miss. Each month, the blog will feature different insurance topics, main company events and sponsorships, or interesting news. Keep an eye out – the first post is coming up soon!

Our Shipping page explains the steps we can help you with to ensure your cargo has a smooth voyage and arrives at its destination in time. We are the exclusive agents of Maersk Line in Malta, which allows us to offer you all that the Maersk Line brand has to offer – including access to various ports in Europe, the Far and Middle East, Libya, Tunisia, as well as Central America, via the Maersk Line and Seago Line routes.

The company history and vision, corporate news and client testimonials can still be found on the new site.

This is what our Managing Director, Joe Gerada, had to say about the newly re-designed site: “We are excited and pleased about our fresh look and online presence. The rebranding and enhancement of our website will ensure our customers have complete knowledge of the available resources and a full scope of services we offer. Thomas Smith will continue to acquire results based on the values of integrity, insight, expertise and experience.”