most stressful things about christmas

Wrapping stress up with tinsel doesn’t make it any better. The festive season, with all its pomp and circumstance, can make us feel overwhelmed – making all the joy fizzle away. A wonderful Christmas is the one you carefully plan for yourself; dedicating time for the most important people in your life and giving yourself some breathing space.

Need help in staying mentally well during the Christmas period? These suggestions will jingle all your bells and christen your holidays with merry feelings.

Make Decorating a Family Event

There’s a Christmas fanatic in every household – the one that can’t wait until November to take out the lights, tree and every little ornament to make the house their own version of Winter Wonderland. If that’s you, rather than feeling the pressure to finish off the decorating by yourself, ask the rest of the family to pitch in.


Work occasions, family meal feasts, children’s outings, Christmas markets… there’s so much one can stuff in a month. With our weekends turning into a list of frenetic planning, it’s no wonder the jolly Christmas feels are lost amongst the activities. Keep a couple of days off to get your mojo back – sleep in, watch a movie on the sofa or just sip some chamomile tea to chill out.

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Take Some Time Off

For some of us, the holidays mean more work than usual. Shop assistants, people within catering and many more are on stop-leave throughout the New Year. The best way to take off some of the excessive pressure of the season, enjoy your shutdown or if that’s not possible, book a couple of days off in January. We all deserve a break, especially when December and January hit the calendar.


Being generous doesn’t mean overspending. Your loved ones will appreciate the smallest presents because they come from you. No one wants to end up tinsel-less and penniless in January.


The Maltese find it impossible to organise an event without overstuffing on buffets and open bars. The pressure of engaging with everyone within a limited time period can leave you feeling bloated. Once the festivities are over, tone down on the food intake and give your stomach some rest.


Shop windows stuffed with glitter and baubles see throngs of shoppers overexcited to grab the best deals. Rather than ending in the midst of it all, make a list of possible gifts for all your loved ones to avoid scouring unnecessarily through numerous shopping malls like a Mad Hatter. Alternatively, watch out for online deals where you can enjoy shopping in your PJs.

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Pre-Buy Batteries

Listen up parents! Buying electrical toys without spare batteries should be a crime. Stock up on extra batteries of every form and size. Your Christmas morning will look much better with a handy stock in your cupboard and a massive smile on your kids’ faces.

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Spare a moment’s thought for those people who either suffer from loneliness this season or those whose festivities are marred with bad memories. Being there for someone in need is the best gift you could give them and yourself.