pet proof your home tips

Pets are mischievous creatures. Their curious natures urge them to get their paws and noses in every nook and cranny; and savour the succulence of each sock and cushion. And that is just the start!

The transition to a happy pet owner is often a rocky road which comes with a mandatory reform to suit the furry pal’s natural habits. Earn the badge of a devoted pet mum or dad – take special care in prepping the house for the new arrival without compromising on your comfort and residence aesthetic. Secure a Home Contents Insurance policy and check out this convenient checklist for multiple pets.

Home Proofing For DOGS

[1] Choose The Perfect Upholstery

Transform sofas, armchairs and chairs an idyllic place for your dog to interact with the rest of the family, cuddle up and lounge about. Choose upholstery fabric with no looped threads, such as velvet. Those paws will skip off smoothly across without tearing the living room furnishings into a thousand bits.

[2] Block Out Sharp Edges

When dogs are introduced to new environments, excessive running and jumping should be expected. Let the pooch break free of his excitement without the aggravated risk of injury. Cover sharp edges with protective material. You might get some wet kisses as appreciation.

[3] Close Off Balconies

Just like babies and toddlers, dogs should be kept away from balconies; especially open-railed ones with enough space to get their head stuck in or fall off. Glass balcony railings give dogs uninterrupted views and protection from dangerous heights.

[4] Hide The Snacks

With a sense of smell that overpowers ours by 50 times, no wonder canine companions suffer from insatiable hunger. Determine a healthy diet based on their size, breed and age. Hide the fruit in the fridge and cereals in high cupboards. Sandwiches left in clear view and easy reach will easy get obliterated.

Home Proofing For CATS

[1] Match The Fur’s Colour Scheme

You’re not one that appreciates billowing balls of fur across the entire apartment, and we get it. Feline fur shedding is a regular activity, much more common in spring. Instead of clawing away stands of your hair with worry, choose furniture that matches the cat’s fur colour scheme and gives the place a cleaner aesthetic feel.

[2] Create A Cosy Pet Corner

When multiple pets share the same environment, their playful personalities might ruin the overall serenity. Keep cat litters and dog bedding separate to help them establish privacy parameters.

[3] Put Up A Scratching Post

If you don’t want your beautiful residence to resemble a jungle, getting a scratching post is the most practical gadget for cat owners. Apart from wanting to mark their territory, felines scratch to remove the dead layer of their claws and to flex their feet. Let the cat indulge in the whimsical feel of scratching without destroying your beloved furniture.

[4] Keep Small Spaces Closed

Cat’s flexible bodies allow them easy access to even the smallest of spaces. Be a diligent cat owner – make rounds around the house and block out entries were your cat can pick as a hideout. That includes cupboards and washing machines.

Home Proofing For RABBITS

[1] Keep Chemicals Away From Common Surfaces

Cleaning and garden substances can be toxic for the little furry creatures. Close off bathrooms after a peroxide clean and move plant pots in unreachable locations after topping them with chemical growth liquids.

[2] Stack Electrical Cables Out of Reach

Nibbling on wires will turn any rabbit owner into a furious rage. Apart from ruining electrical gadgets, nibbling on chords which are switched on can give bunnies a serious shock. Munching on chords is a favourite pastime of theirs; studies have proven that rabbits feel the electric vibrations coming out of wires.

[3] Close Off Cracks and Holes

Rabbits are burrowing animals, so it’s part of their nature to discover new territories and find a convenient retreat to sleep out. Bunnies enjoy the free-reign to explore, so let them enjoy their enthusiasm by blocking access to dangerous spaces.

[4] Choose The Best House Plants

A residence blooms with a few greens here and there, but make sure your aesthetic intentions do not place your pet rabbit harm.  These creatures have strong taste buds and will grab a mouthful of any flower, shrub and weed. Do some reading on poisonous plants for rabbits and make sure to top up their healthy appetites with fresh vegetables.