Although all drivers are meant to be prepared for tricks of the road, the truth is, many still have no clue how to deal with one of the smallest vehicles they may encounter – bicycles. 

Sadly, numerous car and bicycle collisions have been recorded in the past; some of which resulted in fatalities. Given the bicycle’s lightness compared to a car’s tough exterior, it’s no wonder even the smallest of accidents can have very serious repercussions. It’s never too late to learn. Here’s what you have to keep in mind for safer roads. 

Rules should be respected by both vehicles

Cars: The increase in vehicles on the road requires drivers to maintain better caution – whether choosing the right signals and identifying the best timing. 

Bicycles: This also applies to cyclists. Such rules are set to ensure the safety of all people on the road. 

Slip on the best accessories

Cars: Forget watches and handbags… we’re talking about drivers pulling their seatbelts before starting the engine, having glasses on if required for driving and choosing the right set of shoes. 

Bicycles: Cyclists have a bigger list to tick off; helmet, tail and headlights, and high-visibility vests. It’s never too busy a time to ensure all are in order. 

Watch out for the appropriate lanes

Cars: Drivers should remember that, especially on busy junctions, slow lanes and fast routes are there to be observed. Constricting the flow of traffic can cause accidents. Before changing lanes, make sure to adopt the blind-spot manoeuvre – cyclists might not always show on your side mirror. 

Bicycles: Bicycle lanes have been an ongoing controversy which doesn’t look like it’s about to be solved anytime soon. Cyclists have shown their outrage at the lack of thought behind the introduction of some bicycle lane structures, especially  with ones marked in Tal-Balal. One word for all the cycling enthusiasts – there is never enough precaution, so watch out carefully. 

Sustainable transport is here to stay

Cars: Fuel-powered cars are getting ready to be fully replaced by electric ones. Traffic rules will remain the same but higher caution should be implemented. Electric cars are silent drives, which means that cyclists are not able to hear them, even when close by. Slow down when driving next to a bicycle – honking your car horn can startle cyclists. 

Bicycles: Measures to reduce traffic and road pollution have seen an increase in bicycle-use promotion. Commuters are encouraged to opt for the two-wheelers, meaning that bicycle traffic will increase in future months. Good sharing-the-road practices will play a big role in the months to come.