mother's day

It’s that time of the year again… when you need to rack your brain for a fantastic gift to spoil your mother or maternal figure. And even though the selection is unlimited, finding just the perfect present might be a feat bigger than you have imagined.

Apart from that, mummies are always saying “Oh, I don’t need anything!” In truth, they’d love your company more than anything but extending your gratitude through a special gift will make their hearts overflow with appreciation.

Instead of scouring the internet for a little piece of unique advice, take a look at some of the tips that have worked for many throughout the years.


Who doesn’t love surprises? With the agreeable weather we’re about to expect, rushing her to her favourite location in Malta or Gozo, possibly even a day in Sicily might revive her energy and give her some much-needed enthusiasm.

Plan the day according to what she loves – with a stroll on a beach, a sit-down picnic, a mini shopping spree or some sightseeing. Don’t forget to charge your phone to take lots of pictures. You might even decide to frame one after the excursion for her to keep as a keepsake of this special mini vacation.


Sometimes, you might find yourself with too many mini gift ideas which all seem fairly simple for a gift. Well, transform those knickknacks into a good-sized hamper she’ll enjoy rummaging through.

If you want to make it extra special, consider wrapping each tiny item. Mum will look forward to what the next item will be! And if you’re stuck on ideas for fillers, think about adding books, stationery, snacks, home accessories, beauty products and a keychain.


Flowers have become so overrated for Mother’s Day that some feel they do not represent the true appreciation one feels for their maternal figure. Instead of a bouquet, pick a couple of herb plants from a garden centre to adorn the kitchen or her gardening section with.

If she’s a cooking aficionado, she’ll adore picking some to include in her meals and possibly think of you every time she does so! You might also benefit from this when you visit for a quick meal once in a while!

herbs present mothers day


Our parents’ living room cupboards used to be adorned with photo albums that showcase our milestones… and they possibly still love to flip through the pages every once in a while.

Whether she has embraced the improvement of technology or not, mum will love adding another album to her collection. This time though, make it all about her and the beautiful memories she has experienced with you. With lots of mobile album apps, creating a photo scrapbook is just a few clicks away!


If your mum is or was an adventurous traveller but maybe her daily agenda doesn’t allow for many trips a year, she might love hearing from “Isabelle” – a fictional character personified through the adventures around the world based on the subscription Letters from Afar.

Every month, your mother will receive an amazingly-designed letter with field notes and a map of Isabelle’s newly discovered location. What’s great about this is that she may even share the exploit she reads about with any grandchildren she might have.


Watching TV hasn’t been the same thanks to Netflix; with such a vast array of movie and TV series options to choose from. She’ll definitely love the possibility to pause and play anytime she likes!

Don’t forget to download it on her phone or tablet too, to enjoy some binge-watching time before her head hits the bed at night.


Sometimes, finding ways to thank the mothers in our lives are just a small thought away. Consider relieving her from a tedious chore such as doing a grocery round for her or cleaning up a room or two.

After the hideous sandstorm that hit Malta a few weeks back, many cars are still bearing the signs of it – with windshield wipers struggling to wipe off the residue of the grainy pour. Mum might have been too busy to extend a thought to giving the car a well-needed spruce, so taking it off to the car wash station or going at it old-fashioned with a bucket and a sponge would be a lovely gesture. She’ll definitely thank you for the shiny new look her vehicle will sport.


Sometimes, we tend to focus too much on picking the right gift and forget about other intangible offers we might share with our beloved maternal figures. This day (and every other day for that matter) is about meeting the mother’s love language – whether it is receiving gifts or acts of service, but also consider other “languages” such as physical touch and words of affirmation. Follow Dr Gary Chapman’s coaching about the 5 love languages to discover what will make your mum as well as other important people in your life truly happy. Try out this quiz to gain insightful understanding.

We’re sure one of these ideas will hit the right spot and transform Mother’s Day into the special event it was meant to be.