insurance team

During the troubling times of COVID-19, our insurance team has adapted to offices at home, virtual conferences instead of face-to-face interactions and juggling their “new” life with style.

In times like these, we sat down for a virtual coffee with our team managers to discuss what makes them resilient, even when faced with sudden change.

How do you feel the insurance team is making its mark in the company?

At the risk of sounding cliché, we push our entire focus on making our customers delighted with our service.

We understand that, at some instances, their cue to chat with us would be something far from positive; such as opening a claim following an accident. It’s in-built in our nature to empathise and be quick to offer solutions.

Such an approach is respected by many of our clients; which find themselves not only renewing their insurance policies with us year-on-year, but also enthusiastic to recommend us to their family and friends. This means the world to us.

What gives you the most satisfaction, especially during the current troubling times?

No one was expecting COVID-19 to hit our workflow with such a force. Nonetheless, we believe we faced it like eager soldiers ready for battle. Our positive attitude ensured the transition was smooth and the initial teething problems were quickly solved with much determination.

We are doing our utmost to keep our stellar customer service in place – whether we’re at home or at our offices.

Has working remotely changed your work or relationship with one another?

Change is inevitable. The whole country had to adjust to what we now call the “new normal”. However, our teams have the best support system. From our solid teamwork foundations, extending to the HR team which are a big support system, the Insurance wing has made it work even in troubling times.

Moreover, having to adapt to new ways has showed us how we can always learn and create different means on how to keep our goals the aim. Having each other’s backs makes us stronger.

What is the most unusual request you ever received?

A client who had a motor insurance policy with us, hit a third-party vehicle with a supermarket trolley which had rolled on its own and smashed into the other car. This client’s vehicle was in no way related to the accident, but the client expected the motor insurance policy to cover the damage costs.

We explained that given the motor vehicle was not involved in the collision, the damages could not be claimed. Such an accident would normally be covered under a Personal Liability cover included within a Comprehensive Home Insurance policy.

Do you have a special tradition between the team?

The yearly Secret Santa is an event which creates a lot of excitement – from opening up the gift, to guessing who the giver is. It’s a wonderful activity that encapsulates the joy and sharing fervour of Christmas.

How do you manage to build rapport with each other when you are working distantly?

Work relationships aren’t built primarily around the job itself, but the communication flow of the team. We’ve established a system where we connect during daily virtual meetings to discuss any potential issues and to check on one another.

Coffee breaks and team lunches are organised via Microsoft Teams as a way to come together; even if we’re physically distant. Children and pets are welcome to join, which makes many of our interactions fun.

team lunch

Our bond is being strengthened through the Thomas Smith Photo Club – where everyone is invited to share heart-warming photos of their lifestyle at home; whether that’s having a lunch break in the balcony, or setting up some arts and crafts with the children, or an image of the comfy slippers we put on. Taking a glimpse into others’ lives can help all the team connect and share everyone’s happy stay-at-home moments.