eating healthy

Although quarantine measures have been eased, many are still opting to reside indoors to stay away from crowds. Being so close to the fridge and sweet cupboards is a big temptation. More times than no, our hands fumble for an extra snack (or two) just to tame the idleness or irritation.

With summer making its debut, finding yourself looking gloomily in the mirror is meant to happen. We’re advocates of self-love – every body shape is beautiful in its own way. You’re beautiful as you are. Discovering good healthy eating habits is not only used to lose weight. Feeling energised and maintaining good physical health should be the main priorities.

Banish that feeling of hopelessness and learn that healthy eating does not mean throwing away foodstuffs that carry high calories or munching on lettuce only. It’s finding the right balance between yummy bites and bettering your physical health. Think this is an impossible feat? Well, think again. A little determination and the right techniques can help you reach this goal.


Very often, people are unaware of their overindulgence. An extra piece of bread here, a mini snack there… they all seem to go unnoticed. Be truthful and write down EVERYTHING. Yes, even that cracker you just nibbled.

Overseeing your eating habits, day in day out, can help you pinpoint which areas need to be toned down. A food diary can help you discover potential food intolerances you might have been unaware of. List down the time too. You might discover your system digests certain foods better at ideal times, to reduce that bloaty feeling.

food diary


The big S word is probably the number one cause for over-indulgence. Feel sad? Have a chocolate. Worried over something? Hit that crisps packet. And so the story goes…

You have to be strong enough to push that unnecessary craving away. Ultimately, no food can tame psychological problems; irrespective of how sizable they are. Find something you truly love to do and resolve that that’s going to be what will help tame your emotions when tough times hit.

Throwing a basketball in the yard, meditation, working on some abstract art, dancing to some hip music, taking a shower… the options are unlimited. You just have to stick with it and help yourself feel better by thinking positive. 


We did say eating healthy does not mean throwing yummy food away! Rather than quickly gobbling down your food, take time to savour its taste and texture. If you’re a quick eater, learn how to dine slower.

Stay away from the TV when eating. It distracts us and makes us unaware of how much we’re actually feeding on. Focus your attention of savouring every bite, as if it was your last. Appreciate the skill that goes into cooking and learn new techniques to keep your favourite food on the menu with less calorie intake.


Pat yourself on the back when you resist a temptation. Treat yourself to a cheat meal if the week has been successful. The start might be hard, but as you get accustomed to your new eating habits, methods will become second nature.

Indulge in your favourite take away on Saturday or treat yourself to some ice-cream during the week – it’s a way to celebrate short-term success!


It’s no use going from comfort eating straight into a strict food regime. It will be a shock to your system and cravings will overtake your thoughts throughout the day. Start with one change. When you get used to it, go with another.

Prepare a plate of pasta for lunch, rather than dinner. Have some dried fruits instead of a bar of chocolate. Swap meat cuts with less fatty ones. Success lies in small changes.


Have you ever experienced additional hunger after a soup? That’s because a liquid broth is eaten quicker than food that has a crunch to it. Keeping your mouth busy as you’re munching will make you feel fuller.

Swap chips with healthier nuts. Add some celery to your dinner. Nibble on some berries between meals. These crunchy bites will satisfy your cravings without adding too many calories.

crunchy foods


If you’re craving a Coca-Cola, Diet Coke will not give you the joy the original one will. The taste is different and as a result, your craving will not go away. Try swapping fizzy drinks with flavoured water, such as aloe vera. You’ll intake less sugar and still enjoy a flavourful beverage.  

You’ll feel less cheated and more satisfied. The trick is to control your bulking and spread the intake.

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