manual or automatic

It’s a debate as old as time. Both manual and automatic car users have praises for their own vehicle transmissions, but where does the truth lie? Whether you’re shopping around for the first car or looking for an upgrade, leaf through these advantages and disadvantages before you shift to the other side and choose the one you’re more comfortable with.

Manual Transmission


With five to six gears, drivers have more dominance over their vehicle and its driving patterns; adjusting gears to the style of driving.

Efficiency levels rise and gradual acceleration improves with complete control over the driving method, especially when covering long distances.

Given less power is used, manual drivers note less fuel usage when compared to their automatic counterparts.


Due to incorrect gear shifts, drivers might be faced with frequent upkeep concerns. Improper gear selection can damage the mechanics.

When driving a manual car, the left leg never gets any break. Congestion hours see a lot of drivers getting cramps and aches from the continuous effort to shift gears.

Mastering the skill of gear changes requires identifying the right technique between pressing the clutch and the gas. A skill which tends to differ from one car to another. 

Automatic Transmission


If there is one thing that gives automatic vehicles the praises, is the ease it offers drivers when driving in traffic. With no need to press the clutch all times, gears are shifted automatically by the transmission itself.

Steep inclines give manual car drivers the jitters. An automatic car systematically controls the vehicle to avoid rolling back in hills.

With low steering effort and minimal foot movements required, an automatic car is the freedom many dream of.


A common concern by manual drivers is that an automatic takes the fun out of the ride, given control is fully automated. 

Drivers who gain their licence under an automatic transmission cannot shift to manual.

The transmission shifts gears based on what it believes is appropriate, based on the vehicle’s speed. Better fuel efficiency is being developed for automatic cars following technological advancements that are taking course.