swimmers getting ready to jump during the christmas charity swim

Splashes can already be heard in the distance and the excitement is reaching new levels. The Thomas Smith Charity Swim is just days away, but make sure you’ve got everything prepared to enjoy the day to the full. Here’s a quick guide to get you in optimal swimming mode.



As is customary, the Thomas Smith team will have two stands across the area to collect your donations and forms, which you can download and fill before you head to Sliema. Head to one of the two desks above the pier and jot down your name across the cause.



No one’s going to stop you from hitting the waves fully clothed, but part of the fun is pulling out the swimsuit from the summer clothing storage amongst the shorts and flip-flops, and giving it a new lease on life. Put it on under your clothes and shed off the warm clothes when the clock strikes 10:30 am. Alternatively, don a full Santa costume and bring joy to the other swimmers with your festive appearance.



Christmas might already be over, but the festive spirit doesn’t get stuffed in the boxes with the Christmas tree and the crib until we’re way ahead into January. Bring your own Santa hat or let us be your sponsors – we always have loads on the day.


thomas smith employees giving out santa hat during the thomas smith christmas charity swim



Have the camera ready and catch the fun in action, otherwise, how are you going to fill the Instagram feed? Put your family and friends in charge of some random shots and capture the sensational feeling enveloping the area. Snap a memorable photo with the President, as she presents a medal for your courage. Want to get featured on our Facebook page? Send us your shots through private message or via [email protected].



Its warm embrace will feel like a blessing after your body gets out of the water and goosebumps start making their way all over your body. Ask your companions to keep it handy and fetch it to you at once. This will ease your body’s temperature changes to acclimate with the air’s atmospheric conditions.



Just like their predecessor, snug garments will get your temperature back to optimal level. Woollen shirts are a god send after a chilly swim. Reach your temperature comfort level and make your way into the crowd to chat and congratulate other fellow swimmers on their heroic gesture.


No need to state the obvious, but in case you need a reminder, lots of enthusiasm is a must for the day.

For more info about the Thomas Smith Christmas Charity Swim read all about the day’s happenings here.